Went kayaking with my girlfriend and we made the cutest friend!

excuse me WHY are his hands up i cant handle this




myth bust in my ass


i change my mind

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Milky Way over Yellowstone

I’ve accomplished so much in the past year and I’m really proud of myself

Went from living in Florida my entire life to moving up to Illinois by myself with no family or friends (just Chris). Terrified that I wouldn’t make any friends or feel comfortable or move out or anything.

But I have two lovely dogs, a home with my soulmate, I’ve figured out what my passion is, I’ve made at least five friends, and I’ve been given the best job that I could ever dream of having along with so many pet sitting jobs! 

Still trying to overcome my social anxiety and being used to my boyfriends friends but I know that’s still going to take me a lot of time. I’m trying though! 

Overall I’m just so happy with what I’ve accomplished and one day I’ll be 100% happy with my personality and appearance. It’ll all come in time though. 

Anonymous said: What's your favorite kind of dog? Like if you could be a dog.. What kind would you choose to morph into

Hahaha good question! Originally I would say corgi but it’s kinda cheating since I have one, but probably a pitbull! I’ve fallen in love with so many at my job and in general and they’re so stinkin cute and sweet! Big ol lovers. :) 

significantlyinsignificantmess said: God, you are beautiful. 😍 #TumblrGirlCrush

<3 you are such a sweetie!!!! 

Anonymous said: Would you ever meet up and be real life friends with someone you met on Tumblr?

Yes! I’ve done it a few times before :) let’s be friendz 

Anonymous said: You're so beautiful and I bet you got a Good heart :)

Awh thanks so much! I try to be as kindhearted as possible!