primal--directive asked: thank ya :3 i don't wanna dress TOO formal especially in a setting like a dog day care. i'm thinking of wearing black skinnies, black collared/button up shirt, grey cardigan, running shoes and i guess a small shoulder bag. think that's okay?

Yes that’ll work perfectly! Nothing too formal, nothing too casual :)

primal--directive asked: i spent 10 mins in the shower just talking/practicing to myself loool :3 i actually don't have a lot of dog experience. i've done a lot of research on dogs during my free time so i have an idea about their behaviours. i have experience with other animals tho like cats/hamsters/rabbit. i'm just surprised that the manager still wants to see me for an interview!!! :o

Hahaha in that case you’ll do extra perfect! I’m sure it’ll be okay if you don’t have experience, just say how you’ve always wanted it or something along those lines! And I’d definitely mention that you know the ways they behave, like “pack mentality”

primal--directive asked: KAITY!!! I have a job interview at a doggy day care on Thurs and I'm so nervous. Do you have any tips/tricks for the interview. Oh gosh help! D;

Awhhhh you’ll do GREAT. They’re not hard! They honestly just ask you general questions about yourself and if you’ll be able to handle certain situations with dogs, previous experience working with them they’ll probably cover too. It’s nothing to be nervous over though :) you’ll kill it for sure!!! 😁😁❤❤

eeeee someone is on the way to change their tires for them i’m so happy


sometimes i wish i had a friend to talk to. not one of those fake friendships where the other people pretends to care and just says they’re sorry for something that’s bothering me.. but a genuine one. i know this is something i talk about a lot but i wish i knew what was wrong with me. 


My knuckles have turned to white
There’s no turning back tonight
So kiss me one last time

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so fucking bummed that sworn in’s tire popped. i just wanna see my freakin boyfriend. 


fucking show-off